Double Agent Spey Rod Combo

Secret Creek Flyfishing

Created just for Christmas 2016 we have this Spey rod and reel combination. It's all set for you to start fishing and includes the fantastic 6 piece Double-Agent Spey rod along with our top quality large arbour reel.

The rod is an 8/9 weight two-handed rod measuring 13'6" and giving you a lot of leverage to fire out streamers or large and heavy flies in general.  The comfortable cork handle and lightweight of the rod make it useful for a day of steelhead, pike or trout in a large river. We've fished this all over western north America for various species with this rod.  Spey fishing gives you a chance to cast where space behind you is limited and at the same time lets you get the larger streamers where you want them for those fish that just want to eat meat!  With rod sock and tube it makes travel a breeze and keeps it safe and secure.

The reel is very solid and made of solid machined aluminum with a sealed drag. Its rugged, lightweight and durable. We fill this with backing and line so all you need to do is add a tip and leader and you're off to the races.

If you have always wanted to try Spey fishing and have been scared away by the price, look no further. We're selling this combination for less than what a lot of other manufacturers sell the rod alone! Some of these accompanying pictures were taken this summer on the Deschuttes River in Oregon, so you know we're actually using the equipment we sell for what we say we are!

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