"The Cipher" 9'0" Fly rod and Reel Combo

Secret Creek

This set pairs our most popular selling fly rod with our top quality machined aluminum reel.  The Cipher is a great rod and you can feel the quality here with the machined aluminum and wood reel seat (no plastic here!).  It looks great and functionally is even better.  We love a 5wt rod for its versatility and flexibility.  Strong enough to fire out nymphs or maybe a smaller streamer, but with enough precision that you can get your dry flies where you want them.  If you're only going to own one fly rod to start out, there are a lot of reasons that it should be a 5wt.

We pair that good quality rod with the reel that will last you years and fill it with backing and fly line (line weight 4-6). Have a close look at that reel; no plastic here either!  Its machined aluminum with a drag system.  Being both rugged and durable we've found that these reels are excellent.  They can take a beating and still keep performing for you.  Why start fly-fishing with a reel that will just make you buy a new one due to frustration? The reel comes in either Black or Gunsmoke, your choice. Once you get this you have to add very little to get out on the water.  You just need to add some tippet/leader and a fly and you're off to the races.

The Cipher comes with our full lifetime warranty.  We don't care how it happens, it's covered!  By purchasing the combo you save $67.99 and get the same warranty as the separate purchase.

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