"The Whisper" Fly Rod and Reel Set


Be ready to hit the water with this complete rod, reel and line.  Basically all you need to do is stop for a leader/tippet and your favorite flies to start enjoying yourself.  We get asked a lot "Where can I get what I need to start fly-fishing?" Well look no further.  This is exactly why we exist as this is a good quality fly rod that is better than what you find at a lot of the big box stores, but at the same time you're not paying the premium prices you might at a specialty shop.  The Whisper is a good quality fly rod that is both versatile and functional.  The copper finish looks nice and you'll have no trouble getting your flies right where you need them with this rod.  The reel is just excellent.  With a lot of kits like this you have some cheap plastic reel that "you can replace if you decide you like fishing".  What's not to like? Who doesn't want to spend a day in a beautiful place with clear water flowing, trying to catch fish? Instead we take the approach that you should start with a quality reel in the first place.  Buy the right gear the first time and make it easy to enjoy yourself. Our reel is machined aluminum with a  waterproof drag system and miles ahead of what we've seen on the market.  It's been rigorously field tested by us, and passed with flying colours! 

We include the rod, rod tube complete with a cloth divider to store/transport the rod.  The reel comes with backing and fly line in 4, 5, or 6 weight already set to go. Choose the 6 weight line to load your rod with less line out for beginners or fishing where shorter casts are necessary, the 4 weight line for advanced casters or where you need long distance casts. Add your tippet/leader and match the hatch for a great day on the water. 

You also get some good savings by purchasing the combo.  This package saves you $65.99.

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