Fly Fishing Kit: incl: box, nippers, forceps, zinger and more!

Secret Creek

This has everything that you need in one package.  A zinger, leader straightener, knot tying tool, nippers and forceps along with a simple flybox.  In this package you get everything you need to go with the rod and reel.  I would put the nippers on the zinger and pin it to my vest along with the knot tying tool.  Put the leader straightener and forceps in a pocket and you’re all set. This kit has a tool for every step of the way, from straightening out the leader so you don’t have a coiled mess, to tying on a new tapered leader with a neat and tidy nail knot and clipping the ends of the line off right through to holding your flies and giving you forceps to crush barbs or get the hook out if the fish has taken it deep.

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